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  • winter blues sofia chang blog
    InGermany, Journal

    Winter blues?

    “Celebrate your small victories”, they say. Well, getting out of bed has been the biggest struggle lately, so everyday I make it to the kitchen is a good day. Except…

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  • hallo düsseldorf skyline sofia chang blog
    InGermany, Journal

    Hallo from Düsseldorf!

    Almost two months ago, I was getting off a Thalys train at the Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof. It seems as if I’ve blinked and September and October both passed by without even…

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  • InBelgium, Journal

    Goodbye, Belgium.

    I’ve just moved into my new home. Coats and pants have been hung, tees and underwear have been folded and put away in the drawers. My old toothbrush is in…

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  • dad father's day sofia chang
    InBelgium, Journal


    Middelkerke, Belgium. 10pm. Second Sunday of August, Father’s Day in Brazil. I thought I’d be okay, but there I was, rolling in bed from midnight til 6am because this dreadful…

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