sofia chang about blog


I’m Sofia. I’m a half Taiwanese/Chinese (my mum) and half Brazilian (my dad) human who was born in Brazil.

I study Law, and freelance with digital content, photography and social media. Writing, creating, sharing and interacting online is what I love the most. The internet has given me incredible friends, amazing work opportunities and a ton of knowledge that makes me who I am today (though that person will probably be different tomorrow).

Tea, books, games, tech, films, illustrations, rainy days, exploring, languages, fluffy animals and coziness are some of my favourite things in this world.

I could choose to share just the beautiful things I see and experience, but selling/painting up a perfect life isn’t why I’m here. Some of the growth (and, sometimes work) I’m most proud of comes from feeling void and null, lost and confused. And that’s okay, I think.

We all struggle, right?

Anyway. Some thoughts/opinions of mine might change with time – hopefully I won’t get judged too harshly for that. Feel free to always share your thoughts with me, but bear in mind that I’m a human with feelings, hehe.

Ps. I’m very active on twitter, go follow me there @sofiachangx 🙂

-x ♡