InBelgium, Journal

Goodbye, Belgium.

I’ve just moved into my new home.

Coats and pants have been hung, tees and underwear have been folded and put away in the drawers. My old toothbrush is in the trash – new home, new toothbrush. I have a new desk to study and to work from. Great kitchen, great bathroom, great bedroom, great housemates.

Excitement should be running all over my body, but it’s not. Instead, there is a numbness cursing through my veins, stubbornly making the start of this new phase in my life somewhat gray.

I gave away the most precious things I have to offer to anyone – my complete trust and support. In return for all this, in the end, I saw myself being used for all the wrong purposes and people I love getting hurt for… Selfishness and jealousy. This is so dumb.


Though the clouds might be gray in Düsseldorf right now, I won’t let my mood match them. I’ve make a mistake by trusting the wrong person, but I did nothing wrong. I was just naive.

It’s a new city, a new school, and new people.

I don’t owe anything to anyone anymore. My birthday is coming soon, too, so… I guess I’ll take all of this and embrace the fresh start.


Hello, Düsseldorf.


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