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Home in different places

Came out to take some pictures of the sunset at the beach but forgot to bring the memory card.

*le sigh*

So, instead, I am writing, as my lil’ notebook requires no battery nor memory card.

Something dawned on me as I was talking to Vanessa yesterday. I’m leaving in two weeks. At first, I came to spend 3 weeks, and then I’d be on my flight back to Brazil. I made little effort to meet new people – in fact, the people I know now are the same people I met when I came for a visit in May. What was the point, anyway? Goodbyes are so tough, lol. I made no effort to create the feeling of home, or a routine – or anything you do when you’re going somewhere to stay.

Yet, it happened.

There are two pieces of furniture in my bedroom. There’s a picture of my family by the window. All my work gear is on my desk, my clothes are in my suitcase and I hang a dress or two on my camera’s tripod (lol). Things might get rearranged whenever there’s a heavier rain, as there’s a leak right on top of where my mattress is. It’s fun, though, moving things around because of a stupid leak – it usually happens at 3am and I start laughing, half asleep and on my own, because, god, what a life.

I’ve been here for 51 days.

Kind of silly of me to think that I, organisation and logic freak, wouldn’t have made a home of wherever I was nor have developed some sort of routine after spending 51 days somewhere.

I’m so grateful for all that. My little home, my little routine and seeing my friend everyday. I’m grateful for the quiet hours at night, during which I can write, edit my photos, sketch and think. As May Sarton once wrote, “I have time to think. That is the great, the greatest luxury. I have time to be.

Having time to think without worrying about Law school makes me so productive.

Not only that, but the work I’ve done here is the best I’ve done so far, because I’m not using half of my brain to worry about uni while working. Yays for summer break? There has been no need for annoying multi-tasking (I frigging hate multi-tasking, this whole millennial-doing-a-gazillion-things-at-once-to-show-productivity culture), no social media while I’m working (actually, there has barely been any social media lately, according to my friends). I have the luxury to focus entirely on my work before diving into a crazy study routine in Germany (7 hours of German lessons everyday!!helpmeplease!!).

It’s getting super cold, dark, I can barely see what I’m scribbling and I’m not making much sense anymore.


Time to go back to my room, I guess. Time to go home.

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